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Illustrated is a selection of banners that we have produced over the years clearly showing not only the diversity of designs, but also the various banner shape options available.

On average banners normally measure around 2’ 3” wide by 4’ 6” deep and are understandably subject to special design at no extra cost.

Designs and lettering can be applied to your chosen fabric by means of hand embroidery, hand worked appliqué or machine appliqué. Lettering can also be applied by machine embroidery.

Simply let us know exactly what you require and we will prepare a water coloured sketch and price quotation for you.

We are also able to supply hand turned oak banner pole sets either with oak finials (one threaded for easy removal on the cross rod) or we can also offer a choice of brass finials. All fixtures i.e. suspender, studs and sockets are in polished and lacquered brass. The oak stem and cross rod are normally a sealed and waxed finish but can also be stained and polished.

Working on applique church banner with lillies    Skilled embroideress working on clerical banner     Completed lilly on clerical banner

St Andrews Norfolk banner.   St Pauls Athens Banner   All Saints Concord banner   Saint Johns Savannah banner

Messiah O-Come Emmanuel banner  St Pauls Mobile Green Church Banner