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Frontals and Superfrontals

We have illustrated below a few design and style options of Altar Frontals that we have manufactured over the years. As far as the style is concerned we offer the popular Flat Style in which the frontal hangs on the front of the Altar supported by a linen dowlas mensa which usually has a 12” – 15” backdrop into which we incorporate a counter balance rod pocket (2”). Then there are the three and four sided Laudian style frontals.

There is a wide range of fabrics, braids and trimmings available plus we have a good range of symbols programmed into our computerised embroidery machines ready to apply directly onto your chosen fabric and additionally we can still offer top quality hand embroidery and hand worked appliqué symbols and designs.

As you can see the permutations are endless from a simple plain Altar Frontal, to an orphreyed Frontal through to machine embroidered panels or a unique special design.

Our special design service is free of charge, simply let us know what design subject you have in mind, the style of frontal you require, the overall dimensions (measure guide available upon request) and the colour and type of fabric you favour and we shall be pleased to prepare a water-colour sketch and price quotation for you.

Illustrated below are a few design options for Superfrontals which can be supplied totally plain, with orphreys, machine embroidery or both. They are usually supported by a linen dowlas mensa with backdrop as with the flat style Altar Frontal.

We have an extensive range of fabrics, braids and trimmings and a good choice of machine embroidery symbols or you could opt for hand embroidery or hand appliqué.

Should you wish to placing an order, please let us know exactly what you have in mind, overall dimensions (measure guide available) and the colour and type of fabric preferred (samples can be forwarded onto you). 

For Pulpit Falls we offer on-line a selection of our popular designs (please see under Altar Hangings) but there are numerous permutations, examples are illustrated below. Please contact us with your requirements.

We are also able to carry out repair/restoration work including embroidery transfers, please see under Restoration - Textiles.

Altar Frontal custom design   Altar Frontals custom design   Altar Frontals design   Altar-Frontal-Design-Gibralter.jpg   Altar Frontal design detail

Altar Frontal Design   Altar frontal embroidered symbols   Altar frontal design   Altar frontal design    Altar Frontal Design embroidered detail

pulpit falls design   Altar frontal embroidered symbols   pupit falls design   pupit falls design  pupit falls design