Restorations - Textiles

We are expert in the restoration of embroideries and transferring old work on to new top quality fabrics and will be pleased to receive your enquiries. Photographs of the present condition of articles under review together with basic dimensions will allow us to advise and quote for the cost of renovation.

Altar Frontal Barrington RI St John Episcopal Church   Altar Frontal embroidery - Sanctvs Joannes   

Altar Frontal Barrington RI St-John Episcopal Church   Altar Frontal Barrington RI St-John Episcopal Church  - complete

Originally made in our own Exeter embroidery workroom in 1963 this frontal was returned to us for the transfer of the original hand embroidery device and lettering onto new fabric by our highly skilled embroideresses. The orginal embroidery was cut from the old fabric and then placed into position on the new fabric and re-edged by hand with new Japanese thread. New orphreys were also added to the frontal.