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Tailor Made Products

Whilst we believe we offer the largest and most comprehensive range of Clerical Robes and Church Furnishings on-line, it is only a representative range of the products we supply.  There are endless permutations in the vast range of Eucharistic Vestments we offer, with the most popular styles of copes, chasubles, stoles being available on-line.  However, please contact us detailing colour, material, design and any embellishments we will quote by return. 

As well as Clerical Robes we offer Academic Robes for the numerous Universities and Colleges we serve.  We also have sole rights to the unique Warham Guild styles of surplice and cape styled hoods.

In addition to standard cassocks, we can offer the St Stephen’s House style as well as other institutions, such as the Kelham and Society of St John the Evangelist.  

We can reproduce customers own robes providing a sample can be submitted.  Our highly skilled cutters and seamstresses are capable of reproducing most items of clerical clothing, vestments and hangings.

Please contact us with any special requirements, where we will be pleased to help.