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Double Breasted Cassocks (Style 731) - SPECIAL OFFER

The ready to wear double breasted cassock is our most popular seller and is carefully tailored by skilled seamstresses paying particular attention to the finished quality to ensure a very good fit. The full cut featuring pleats at the rear and sides ensures a graceful drape. The cassock is half lined in the body and sleeves with pockets each side together with slits for access to trousers. The standard neck opening on a double breasted cassock is 3½”.

The cassock is available in a number of different fabrics, described in detail below. These clearance cassocks have limited size availability. The sizes per fabric option is listed below. 

The materials are a mixture of man made fibres and natural wool and are dry clean only. The terylene and worsted is very light weight and suitable for hot and humid climates. The light weight polyester and worsted is our most popular material and is suitable for most climates. The medium weight offers a heavier cassock for those who wish a warmer robe. 
Size availability

Poly Worsted

  • 39" Chest    59" Length Was $688  Now $344
  • 40" Chest    62" Length Was $609  Now $305
  • 48" Chest    56" Length Was $609 Now $305
HW Poly Worsted
Heavy Weight
  • 45" Chest    60" Length Was $882  Now $441
Tery Worsted 
  • 36" Chest    60" Length Was $698  Now $349
All Wool Panama
  • Fully tailored 42" Chest    60" Length Was $1209  Now $484
We also have a custom made purple poly worsted, please call for more information.

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Price: $457.00