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SPECIAL OFFER- Style W120X Double Breasted Cassocks

Special Offer

This popular budget double breasted cassock is half lined and has pleats at the rear and sides. Two side pockets with slits are included in this style. The standard neck opening on a double breasted cassock is 3½”.

The cassock is available in a number of different fabrics, described in detail below. These clearance cassocks have limited size availability. The sizes per fabric option is listed below. 

Polyester Cotton
Heavy weight black polyester and cotton, ideally suited for hot and humid climates. Fully washable.
36" Chest    56" Length Was $303 Now  $228
36" Chest    60" Length Was $303 Now  $228
38"  Chest   58" Length Was $303 Now  $228
46" Chest    58" Length Was $303 Now  $228

Polyester Viscose
Lighter weight black polyester viscose, which has the benefit of crease resistant properties of polyester and the natural fibres of viscose. Fully washable

32" Chest    58" Length Was $303 Now  $182
32" Chest    60" Length Was $303 Now  $182
38" Chest    53" Length Was $303 Now  $182
38" Chest    60" Length Was $303 Now  $182

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Was $303.00

Price: $228.00
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