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For over two hundred years the Wippells’ cassock has become synonymous with quality.  We offer fifty different sizes based on bust and length measurements.  Please consult our cassock size chart to view the full measurements including collar, nape to waist and sleeve lengths used on the different sizes.  Cassocks are fully finished to these dimensions ensuring our customers have the largest selection of different cassocks worldwide.  We also offer unlined versions in washable materials only. 

We offer both double and single breasted styles in a variety of materials.  The fabrics are two washable materials either a polyester in a panama weave or a lightweight polyester and cotton.  This is complimented by a popular lightweight polyester and worsted which is dry clean only.  We do offer a heavier weight polyester twill and a traditional russell cord, which is a mixture of cotton and wool, please contact us if you would like details of these materials.
Both styles of cassock feature standard step collar openings, but we can supply the double breasted in a collar all around version and the single breasted with a closed collar at no extra charge, please contact us if this is the style you require.  Double breasted cassocks can be supplied with an attached cassock band, please contact us for prices of this alternative.

We have been the official robe makers to the Royal School of Church Music for nearly thirty years and are pleased to offer a 7½% discount to affiliated choirs and individuals. This discount is only available on choir robes.