We have limited production and stock available, see our news update

We are pleased to offer our most popular and traditional style of choir gown style no. 693 on-line.  This robe is close fronted and held in position by hooks and eyes.  It is supplied complete with a fully washable white polyester and cotton collar and pleated jabot. Replacement collars and pleated jabots that can only be worn with this gown can be purchased separately, please contact us for prices, collar size based upon gown bust size.  Tailored on a bust and length basis and usually worn 12” from the ground, but if a longer length is preferred please select the length accordingly.  The choir gown is offered on-line in polyester twill only, but also available in polyester panama and russell cord, please contact us for prices. 

We also offer a number of alternative styles including the open fronted academic style no. 540 which is available with either a pleated or gathered back yoke.  Style no. 680 features a white collar and wide sleeves, style no. 676 which has contrasting facings and trim with a front zipper opening and finally style no. 678 which has a back opening and contrast colour collar.  These gowns can be viewed on page 41 of our catalogue, please contact us for prices, sizes, materials etc.