We are open and back to business as usual

We are pleased to offer three different styles of Vergers’ gowns which are suitable for both male and female Vergers that can be purchased on-line.  All three designs can be trimmed to enhance the appearance of the plain version.  Trimmings on black gowns are tailored using black velvet and for grey gowns blue velvet is used.  We can offer alternative coloured velvets as well as different coloured base materials for the gowns, please contact us with your requirements and material samples together with prices can be submitted.

The gown styles 464 and 686 are suffixed with a ‘P’ to represent the plain untrimmed version, a ‘C’ for the addition of a velvet collar, a ‘CFE’ representing a velvet collar, facings and epaulettes and finally ‘FT’ being a fully trimmed option having a velvet collar, facings, epaulettes and sleeve chevrons.  For the sleeveless style 459 a plain version (‘P’) or a velvet facing version (‘VF’) completes the range.

Style 464 is open fronted and features divided sleeves and a pleated rear yoke, which allows for maximum movement and comfort.  The benefit of style 686 is the closed front with the basic styling being similar to the style 464.  The sleeveless style 459 has proved very popular in warmer climates and is an open fronted style with a gathered yoke.