We are open and back to business as usual

Most of the illustrated stoles available for purchase on-line are cut to the popular Anglican Style, tapered from the neck seam at 2¾” to 4½” at the hems, length 54” per side.  Other shapes and lengths are available please contact us with your requirements.

We have also illustrated two typical Deacons style stoles, again for purchase on-line, one standard Anglican shape but with Deacons cord, the other is the permanent shaped Deacons stole which is 4” throughout.

The embroidered symbols featured are applied by our high quality embroidery machines, for special options we can also offer hand embroidery, hand worked appliqué and machine appliqué.

If you would like something different we are able to offer our special design service at no extra cost, simply let us have some idea of what you have in mind and we will be pleased to prepare a watercolour sketch together with fabric samples and price quotations for you.